A New Direction

2013-01-27 00:00:00 +0000 — Stone Hill, Baltimore, MD

Well, here is to new things. I’m attempting some new experiments with both my work and my websites. In a desire to make the publishing process a little bit easier for myself, as well as to not lock my content up in a place that it is stuck, I’m trying to switch to an all static file workflow — all basic html webpages, jpgs and pngs in some folders, and markdown formatted text files. This site is going to be the main place that this occurs for the time being. I’m hoping that it turns out great and I learn a lot about making the publishing process easier for myself and my clients. I am also looking for ways to use the same base files for both print publications and their web counterparts — or vice-versa. This is part of my exploration of the “create once, publish everywhere” philosophy that seems to be floating around these days. I’ll be letting you know how it goes. Oh, and if you’re interested in learning and exploring with me along the way, I’ll be posting links and helpful info as it comes up.