Posts for Posts Sake

2010-07-15 00:00:00 +0000 — Bolton Hill, Baltimore, MD<

I read a lot of stuff online—a lot. Blogs, Tweets, Magazines, Journals, News, Humor, you name it. Having been following some people on twitter now for a while — people who are supposed to be trendsetters and experts and newsmakers, whatever — I have been getting a bitter taste in my mouth the more I see of what they put out. It is like some of them are writing and posting articles just to be writing and posting articles. Perhaps I should not be surprised by this.

Now I realize part of their “awesomeness” of the internet is the democratization of publishing. However, I see this more as a privilege or responsibility than a right. The fact that you can now just shoot your ideas off and that a lot of people may actually run into them means you have to at least spend a minute or two of time with your idea.

Shel Israel’s recent “Old Spice becomes a Meme” prompted this, as it was simply the latest and most egregious version of this that I had seen. Israel is supposed to be a social media guru, and yet he leads us through a trite little ditty on how this stuff is supposed to work, and how he’s afraid it will create a landslide of crappy imitators … but he doesn’t actually say anything, tell us any extra information, or actually inform the readers in any real way about what he’s thinking other than to complain a little bit. It fulfilled the purpose of a) commenting on something “culturally relevant” and “currently trending,” but didn’t fill the purpose of b) being useful. It was a post for posts sake.


Also, what is non-integrated advertising integration?