Hypocrisy - A Quick List

2009-12-02 00:00:00 +0000 — Bolton Hill, Baltimore, MD

I throw away too much — I don’t compost anything (though I blame my landlord for this, it is purely an excuse). I gave up fairly quickly at attempting to persuade my landlord to do any of the things I say I believe in. My showers are too long. I gave up my car and instead ride a bike, but I don’t really try to get others to do the same — & I also take rides from people all the time, oh and I fly around the country and still rent cars when “necessary.” I am a terrible consumer. I buy new things. Stupid new things. Not even all sustainably grown, manufactured, etc. things. I still buy random things made in random factories by random people with random, potentially questionable, labor and materials. I don’t really shop at thrift or 2nd hand stores anymore. I even buy new book after new book (though justify it to myself because most are somehow related to sustainability or electric cars or the like). I drink ridiculous amounts of coffee, some neither fair-trade nor organic, and imbibe unhealthy amounts of coca-cola. I drink cheap, non-locally made beers and alcohols. I waste energy and watch too much TV. I have designed more than one piece this year that is more or less just conventional design in layout, form, printing, and general production. I do not yet practice the sustainable gospel that I claim to preach … in short, I am just part of the problem.