Better Living Through Sustainability

2008-01-01 00:01:00 +0000 —

This phrase rings out as a new way to view the issues of sustainability. It also works on several levels. It subverts the old DuPont slogan from the 30’s: “Better Things for Better Living … Through Chemistry” (the phrase has, through use in popular culture and media, become better known as “better living through chemistry”). The phrase also changes the way sustainability is perceived — no longer is sustainability a sacrifice. “Better Living through Sustainability” makes it clear that sustainability betters everyone’s lives. I believe in technology, I believe in American innovation, and so does this slogan. Better Living Through Sustainability is a starting point for a myriad of other ventures: writings, branding strategies, installations, etc. and I will follow and spread the message in every way that I can.

Originally written and published on Better Living Through Sustainability sometime early in 2008 (or maybe even late 2007)